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Digital/Virtual Business Card with attached Business Profile and QR Code

The VbusinessCards.net application (https://vbusinesscards.net/) has been developed in collaboration with our clients from different countries and businesses in different fields to provide a platform that meets even the most demanding requirements and that suits any client with business in any field.

A short demo can be viewed by clicking on the link below and the QR code below: (YOUR LOGIN CARD AND PROFILE WILL BE CUSTOMIZED AS YOU WILL SEE BELOW)


Click on the link above and the Business Profile attached to the Business Card will open. To view the Business Card, click on "Free Digital Business Cards Maker" above.

For some mobile devices, when clicking on the link above, open the business card. To enter the Online Profile Top right is "Profile -->" click on Profile and you will be redirected to the Online Profile.

Scan the QR code below and it will open the Digital/Virtual Business Card. To return to the attached Business Card Profile Upright is "Profile -->" click on Profile and you will be redirected to the Online Profile.

It is a digital business card (you can only create a digital business card if you don't need an online profile) to which you can add an Online Profile - adding the Online Profile is optional and you do it from your account.

The Online Profile is like an Online Website and can include a Personal Blog, Customer Meetings Schedule, Customer Payment Button (Paypal and Stripe), and many other sections described below.

Online Profile Features:

- Home - presentation section OR a description of your Online Profile (what visitors and customers can find on your Online Profile). A few words about yourself including social profiles (Facebook etc) and other contact details. All the contact details in the Digital Business Card can also be added to the Home section of the Online Profile.

- About - a picture of yourself or the logo of the company you work for, or any other picture you want PLUS a description of yourself, the company you work for, your role in the company you work for, etc etc. Here you can insert a link to your website or the website of the company you work for.

- In the About section you can also activate the Review section. Here you can post a Review or more about your business partners or a Review about you or your company from one or more of your clients.

- Services - what services do you offer to your customers, or what services does your company offer, what products do you sell, how much do they cost, how much material is available for sale (you can enter an unlimited number of items or services available for sale), etc.

- In the Services section you can also add the SKILLS section - here you can present your skills on a scale from 0 to 100 or if you have a project or a product in the Services section you can present it on a scale from 0 to 100 what your project or product is recommended for in different fields of activity.

- PORTFOLIO section - here for example a construction company can present pictures of the buildings they have built. Under each picture, you can insert a link to the website of the built building. OR pictures of awards received in various competitions or exhibitions for your products or services, ETC.

- In the Portfolio section there is also the Teams section. Here you can put pictures of all your team members.

- The blog section - is an online blog where you can write articles with pictures and videos about yourself or your products. You can add pictures to your articles or upload videos, divide your articles into categories, etc. THIS IS A BLOG ATTACHED TO YOUR ONLINE PROFILE where you can write articles with pictures and videos. This blog also has SEO settings for Google to index your blog.

- Appointment section - Here your clients can make an appointment online for an appointment with you. You can set what times or days you are available for an appointment. Your clients can see what other appointments you already have scheduled and choose the time you are available.

- Contacts section - here your clients can write you an email from your Online Profile. You will also find other contact details: phone number, google maps, etc.


- for a Freelancer, we can add a button to receive payments from clients. Button to PayPal or Stripe (credit card payment processor) payments.

- Any of the above sections can be set not to appear in the Online Profile if not needed. You can do this from your account.

- from your account, you can choose that each section above has a different shape or menu, text color, etc.

- from your account for each section above you can upload your background (A PICTURE OR A BANNER).

By activating the PWA section in your customer account at https://vbusinesscards.net/ you can install your digital business card on your phone screen.

Monthly subscriptions are available on https://vbusinesscards.net/. For a company with several employees, select the package according to the number of employees who will have a digital business card.

The Team with 2+ Members package, Trial for 1 month, allows you to test the application for free for 30 days after which you pay the subscription depending on the number of employees who will have a digital business card.

In the case of a company with more than one employee, a single account is created with a main digital business card to which the business profile is attached.

The next business cards to be created will be for the employees of the company, individually one digital business card for each.

If each employee needs a business card + business profile attached THEN SELECT PRO package (3 euro monthly) or PRO 12 Months package (30 euro / 12 months).

Advantages of a digital business card with QR code:

- a paper/cardboard business card contains very few presentation elements or contact details. In digital format, there are theoretically no limits.

- The QR code can be printed on promotional material and the potential customer scans this QR code and has access to the full company presentation and contact details.

- The QR code can be scanned from one phone to another without the need for a classic business card.

- The online profile link or QR code of the digital business card can be attached to the email signature.

- any change or update of your contact details or the presentation of your business profile is done quickly and easily from your customer account.

- Business cards on paper/cardboard cost between 0.05 euros and even 0.20 euros/piece. The minimum order is 100 pieces, calculating the minimum price of 0.05 euros/piece results in a cost of 5 euros lei for 100 pieces. If you interact monthly with a large number of potential customers, the 100 pieces will be consumed quickly and the costs will go up. With a digital business card, the cost is much lower per month. 

Digital Business Cards with Attached Business Profile