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Digital business cards are a new concept that’s been slowly advancing toward day-to-day use by leveraging smartphones and other mobile devices that sit in every professional’s pocket. Its user adoption has been slow, but subtle hints of its emergence in 2021 are becoming more and more apparent.

A digital business card is, at its core, a business card that exists online under an account you own and can log into at any time. It has all your contact information, title, company name, logo, and everything you would expect on a business card.

Aside from the more green aspect of using a digital business card over a physical one, a digital business card never needs to be replenished, and it can be exchanged both in person, as well as online.

A digital business card also has the added benefit of interacting with physical business cards so that any person you might run into who doesn’t share your fondness of digital business cards can still not only hand you their card but the card can be scanned into your database of choice. This is a feature existing in some CRMs, but with a digital business card involved, the experience can trickle down to your contacts.

Further, digital cards are dynamic, and can be edited at any time should you change work, title, or contact info, removing the headache of ordering new cards.

Digital Business Cards with Attached Business Profile